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We help you save money and deliver greater value across a range of services that include:

Epos till


Prior to securing any new agreement, I'm able to undertake a more detailed audit of your requirements to ensure that you achieve the highest levels of efficiency and value.  In addition I am also able to determine if you may have been historically overcharged for services received to date and address any discrepancies on your behalf.


& Electricity

I work closely with our energy brokers who enable access to prices and agreements that are normally unavailable to anyone other than the very largest organisations.  By understanding your specific business requirements and then investigating the market, I am able to secure agreements that deliver far greater value to clients.


water rates

Following the de-regulation of the Scottish water retail market, it is now very simple to change your supplier and take advantage of the savings available by doing so.



An initial assessment to understand the level of savings available can usually be carried out immediately.



By simply understanding your requirements from any chip and pin terminals, I am able to understand if you could secure a better value arrangement.  Each terminal can be tailored to your specific needs with significant savings often being secured on behalf of clients.



A simple and cost effective solution is offered, based around your business requirements and as with all services I will explain in person the options and savings available to you.

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